With help from volunteers including Joe Conrad, Jim Bateman, Paul Hempel, Steve Lund, Viggo Warmboe, Al Sarvi, Linda King, and David and Susan Bushard, our move went quite well. All the books and other materials were packed in boxes, all the shelves dismounted, furniture disassembled, and the whole shebang moved to the new location.

Work is underway to make the new space usable. After conversations with the licenses and inspections folks at city hall, some staring and pondering, and checking the wallet contents, we have started to scale and tuckpoint the limestone walls, preparing for white paint. Our new space will be gorgeous!

When first entering, a visitor will walk past and through a construction zone (on a clean path!), to the primary meeting room and shelving area. Our potential, our challenges, and our progress will all be completely visible. Various meetings and seminars will continue to be held in the library. We are delighted to show our project as we work.

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