Presentation on Postcard Collecting

Postcard collecting, or deltiology, as the formal name for the hobby is known, is one of the most popular hobbies in America.  Only coin collecting and baseball card collecting are  bigger (with stamps coming in fourth).   Many card collectors also collect stamps, and vice versa.     On Saturday morning, April 5th, at10 AM, Fred Schiffman, a leading picture postcard dealer and collector in the Twin Cities, will give a presentation at the Northern Philatelic Library on postcard collecting, with an emphasis on how this hobby intersects with stamp collecting.  Fred has been a popular and knowledgeable postcard dealer for a long time and knows the hobby well.  He also collects stamps and ran a stamp shop in south Minneapolis for many years.    Fred will discuss the nature of the hobby and show examples of various types of collectable cards;   some people collect “classic” cards like early valentines, others collect photo views of their home towns, while other collect cards sent by travellers  who saved them as souvenirs of their vacations or to show folks back home where they’d been.     At this presentation, Dr. Gene Young, president of the Northern Philatelic Society, will also show some picture postcards that he has gathered and integrated into his stamp collections.   He likes to collect cards that illustrate the history and geography of the countries he collects.  Here is a great chance  for the stamp collector to learn about postcards and see how they can be used to enhance your collections.   If you find postcard collecting of interest to you as a result of this presentation, Fred can give you information about the Twin City Postcard Club and tell you about their annual spring show in early May where you can obtain some cards for your own use.   As usual, a board of directors meeting of the library will follow the presentation and any attendees of the seminar are invited to attend.

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