Online Catalog

We use the Koha Open Source library system hosted on a server owned by the Library.  The Koha Catalg provides on-line access to everyone everywhere.  Feel free to bookmark the link, so you can go there directly at any time.  When you join us, you will receive in the mail a login name and password, which will open more access to you.  You may access the catalog as a guest without logging in.

Please understand that this is always a work in progress.  Cataloging happens continuously, and will never be complete (we hope).  If you would like to help with this ongoing project, contact the Librarian.

The Collection

The Library holds collections of books, magazines, other periodicals, pamphlets, catalogs, ephemera, curiosa, and pretty much anything else related to philately. Some of the relationships may be a bit distant, but all are interesting.

Books: There are over a thousand books and book-like objects in the Library holdings. We think this is a good start, and hope to grow dramatically over the next few years. Shelf space is not a problem here! We have room to expand. Books are classified using the US Library of Congress system. We try to follow the same system with clippings, pamphlets, maps, and similar materials, with varying success.

Magazines: We hope to expand our holdings in this area, too. Currently we may have, perhaps, 6 thousand magazines. This sounds like a lot (and it is!), but considering the number of philatelic publications, we have a long way to go. One of the best methods for curating magazines is binding in hard covers. When we have all the issues for a fiscal period, we bind them and place them on the shelves. There are magazines on hand to produce about 650 bound volumes, over a hundred of which are already bound and shelved. There are many gaps in our collection, and we hope to find donors that will fill in the blanks. Do you have a stack of old philatelic magazines that you have not looked at for a long time? Consider donating them to the Library.  Here is a list of magazines we hold, and graphic representations of our collection.

Auction Catalogs: We are searching for a satisfactory way to index these publications.

Maps and Travel: We have a fair collection of this material, and solicit donations of more. Far away places with strange sounding names are very interesting to philatelists.

This is a circulating library. We lend stuff out.  We have some free giveaway stuff at the library, too, mostly some old catalogs and some maps. 

A few technical remarks:  Alex helps us by doing searches for classification informatin automatically through the web.  It also uses MARC format records internally, and can exchange information with almost any other library.  We expect to join the Global Philatelic Library (Administered by the APS) in the fullness of time.