Welcome to the Northern Philatelic Society & Library

Our mission is to strengthen and support stamp clubs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas; to promote philately; and to support and enhance the Northern Philatelic Library.  Annual dues are only $25, which gives you borrowing privileges at the Library and entitles you to participate at planning meetings.

PLEASE NOTE: The Library is open again now from 10:00am to 12:00pm Monday to Friday. Check the Events for Saturdays.

Announcing the Passing of Al Sarvi, the President of the Northern Philatelic Society and Library

It is with a very sad heart that we announce the passing of Al Sarvi, who has been the President of the Northern Philatelic Society and Library since Saturday 22nd July,  2017.  Al’s death followed a bout of Covid which had him in intensive care for several day.  A funeral/memorial is being planned by his family for the spring.  When the arrangements are known they will be posted here and communicated by the Toozeday Nooze.  We will all miss Al very much.  He touched us all in so many ways.

The location of the library:

Home of the Northern Philatelic Library
Northern Philatelic Library

The property is located at 1110 Lowry Ave N, Minneapolis. It is and excellent building for our needs. It has enough room to house our collection and to conduct meetings, seminars, bourses etc.  The building has been extensively refurbished by Paul Henpel and Rudi Anders and their talented crew. Parking may be limited in front of the Library but there is some off street parking in the lane to the side.  The Library is open Monday through Friday between 10am and Noon. Check the Events for availability on Saturdays. There are volunteers available to help you with your philatelic research or any general questions that you have about stamp collecting and to assist you with borrowing books.

Directions to the Library:

To get to the Library take the Dowling Ave exit off highway 94 and head west to Lyndale Ave N.  Turn left on Lyndale and follow it down to Lowry Ave N.  Turn right on Lowry. The Library will be approx. one quarter of a mile on your right.