Toozeday Nooze

Toozeday Nooze
EDITION 509 - 03/26/2024

There is nothing scheduled at the library this weekend in order for everyone to enjoy Easter weekend.
We would like to thank the generosity of the Maplewood Stamp Club and all of the people that donated lots as well as those that bid on the lots. The Maplewood Stamp Club was able to donate $650.00 to the library.
I hope many of you got to attend Saturday's program on Fakes and Forgeries by Bruce Johnson. I learned a lot when Bruce presented this for the Maplewood Stamp Club. There are things to look for when it comes to fakes and forgeries that are not covered in the Scott's catalogues. Bruce did note that there are many reference materials for detecting these at our library. With our remodel we have an area dedicated to stamp identification. This is getting close to being ready. Bruce also noted that he is at the library every Tuesday from 10:00 AM to Noon to help you with your stamps that you have in question.
There has been talk about having more workshops at the library in addition to the fascinating presentations we have been enjoying. These would not have to be on Saturday's but could be on a weekday during the daytime. With the passing of Al the Stamp Academy is not what it was. I have been covering Wednesday's along with Jerry since Al's passing. One option is to try a couple workshops on a couple Wednesday's. I think between Jerry and I we could come up with a few topics. If there is a positive response, we could either designate a day each month or the day could float based upon presenter's schedules. We would like everyone's input into this before we come up with a plan. Please let me know what you think of this, and it will be discussed at the next board meeting. I am at So far, I have received one email reply to this idea, and it was a positive reply. I have had several replies in person, and all have been in favor of this after the renovations are complete in the basement.
My cover this week is a cover that I got at the Maplewood Stamp Club auction to benefit the library. It is a Dakota Territory cover from the town of Amenia. It was sent to Bismark Dakota Territory about five months before the territory was divided into the states of North and South Dakota. It has a nice clear strike complete with a star killer. The seller noted it was sent from a Bonanza Farm. I got a lesson on what a Bonanza Farm was. They were large company owned farms that started on cheap land usually near access to rail ways. They started in the 1870's in Dakota Territory's Red River Valley. They were able to but more sophisticated machinery than the family farms and run very much like a large business as opposed to family farms. They also developed irrigation methods that are still utilized today. I was the only bidder at $3.00 on the cover. A bargain for sure.
If you have anything that you want shared let me know at

Upcoming Events:

Date and Time Last Saturday of the Month
Event Upcoming Library Programs
Location Northern Philatelic Center, 1110 Lowry Ave. No. Minneapolis, MN
April's program will be posted next week.
Date and Time Wednesday 27, March 2024 at 10:00 a.m. to Noon
Event Stamp Academy
Location Northern Philatelic Center, 1110 Lowry Ave No. Minneapolis, MN If you want to know anything about stamps, this is the place. There is an expert on staff every Wednesday between 10:00 a.m. and noon with over 30 years of experience cataloging stamps for some of the largest dealers in the country. For those people that have a collection that was handed down and are looking for what to do with the collection, this is a great opportunity to learn about your options.
Date and Time Thursday 28, March 2024 At 6:00 PM
Sponsor Twin City Philatelic Society
Event Monthly Second Meeting
Location LaBelle Condominiums II 1011 41st Ave. NE Columbia Heights, MN
Coffee and cookies are available. Circuits books and general meeting and discussion.